We supply components and semi-finished products for the production of smartcards as well as finished cards of all types. To complete our range, we also offer card accessories, key fobs, RFID labels and programming services.


Included among our customers are card manufacturers, government printers, authorities, system integrators and other resellers.


Here you’ll find a brief overview of our supply options. For more information, check out the individual sections.




untitled-1_2x LF / HF / UHF / HYBRID INLAYS in various formats, materials and thicknesses
Kontaktchip Modul als Makro Aufnahme Memory / Crypto Memory / Microprocessor Modules with customer-specific packages, capacities and manufacturers
Identifikation Contactless Smartcards in LF / HF / UHF / NFC Technologies
Credit card online shopping payment Contact Smartcards with Memory or Processor Chips
Papier - Ecke unten weiß Core Material and Overlays in different materials and thicknesses
Silber mit linearem Strukturverlauf als Hintergrund  Lamination Plates and Press Pads
Kundenkarten Personalization, Encoding, Initialization, Applet Loading etc.
White blank plastic with clasp lanyards identification badge and metal gold, silver id badge. Isolated vector illustration Accessories, further RFID Products, Semi-finished Products


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