Inlays and Prelaminates

Cooperating with certified partners, ARE CON supplies inlays and pre-laminates for manufacturing ISO-standard cards as well as special formats in these categories:

  • Low frequency (LF)
  • High frequency (HF)
  • Ultra-high frequency (UHF)
  • Combination pre-laminates (HF/LF, UHF/HF UHF/LF)
  • Pre-laminates with microprocessors

All our pre-laminates stand out for robust quality plus excellent bending and torsional properties. The high-end antennas are designed for optimal read ranges with the integrated chip. We can also implement your requirements regarding frequency resonance (Fres) and Q-factor.

We can position the antennas flexibly, e.g. to implant a contact chip and create a hybrid card. Equally, we can customise the antenna position any way you like for holes or special punching.

The inlays and pre-laminates are available in PVC, PET and polycarbonate.

As customer requirements are very varied, we draw up a detailed specification for every order, based on your drawing or instructions. (see: Generic Specification HF 2016 V01).

Use the checklist below to determine the criteria you want as the basis for your order.


 Category  LF/HF/UHF/microprocessors/combinations
 Chip Manufacturer  NXP / Infineon / Legic / Impinj / Alien Technology/  EM Microelectronic / Atmel etc.
 Chip Type  Mifare …/ I-Code… / Legic… / EM… / Hitag … / ATA… / NTAG… / Monza… / Higgs… / UCODE…
 Material  PVC, PET-G, PET-F, Polycarbonate
 Sheet Format  all common formats resp. customer-specific
 Antennas per Sheet  customer-specific
 Pitch  customer-specific
 Color  white / transparent / opaque
 Thickness  customer-specific
 Marks  for example position and reference marks
 Tolerances  customer-specific
 Max. rejects per Sheets  customer-specific
 Antenna positions  customer-specific
 Technology  air coil / embedded / etched  / printed antennas
 Material specification  for example surface quality, manufacturer, grain direction etc.
 Resonance Frequency/Q-Factor  customer-specific
 Specification of module packaging  NOA3 / MCC2 / MCC8 / MOA4 / MOA8 / COB etc.
 Structure  customer-specific